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The UWorld RxPrep NAPLEX® online course includes everything a pharmacy student needs for success on their board exams, featuring a course book, video lectures, and question bank (QBank). Students can self-study concepts at their own pace using proven UWorld RxPrep study tools. Our pharmacy law courses provide comprehensive MPJE® and CPJE review content at the best price for employers.

Ensure They Pass With Industry-Leading Resources

Comprehensive NAPLEX Online Course

  • The course book covers all essential exam topics and is matched to the most recent NAPLEX competency statements
  • Our QBank contains 3,400+ NAPLEX-style questions emphasizing key topics on the exam
  • Video lectures for each chapter in the course book further explain the critical concepts to reinforce learning
  • Students can monitor progress and test their readiness with a comprehensive practice exam
2025 UWorld RxPrep NAPLEX Online Course
UWorld RxPrep MPJE Online Course

Federal and State MPJE Online Course

  • The course manual covers important topics, including controlled substances, pharmacy operations, and compounding
  • A state-specific flashcard deck with 110+ cards helps students study their state’s most up-to-date laws
  • The QBank contains 300+ MPJE-style questions and a comprehensive practice exam
  • Video lectures taught by experienced pharmacists are presented in short, manageable segments for quick content review

Targeted CPJE Online Course

  • Covers all the important law topics on the exam and clinical topics not included in the NAPLEX materials
  • The course manual equips students with up-to-date content review, vivid images, and detailed explanations
  • The QBank contains 350+ exam-style questions emphasizing important testable topics
  • Video lectures corresponding to chapters in the course manual offer students more insights
UWorld RxPrep CPJE Online Course

Why partner with us?

Pharmacist filling a prescription

A Trusted, Evidence-Based Resource

  • Possessing significant experience in academia and clinical practice, our clinical pharmacist educators are passionate about teaching
  • Our expertise is demonstrated through excellent student reviews and recognition as the top resource trusted by employers

Up-to-Date Content

  • We regularly review guideline/drug updates and revise our content so that students prepare with the most up-to-date information
  • Our content is created by licensed clinical pharmacist educators who keep abreast of industry news and trends to ensure relevant content

Practice That Works

  • Students can use active-learning tools like online flashcards to master complex content and improve memory retention
  • Our materials focus on calculations, compounding, and other key topics that are commonly tested on the exam

The Go-To Prep for Pharmacy Employers Everywhere

We currently partner with pharmacies nationwide to provide proven licensure resources, ensuring that the next generation of pharmacists succeed in their board exams and beyond. Below are just a few of our pharmacy partners.

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