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The UWorld RxPrep NAPLEX course book provides comprehensive and routinely updated coverage of all the NAPLEX topics. We make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand with study tips, charts, tables, illustrations, reference sheets, and more – all developed by subject matter experts.

Review Key Content Areas with Our Comprehensive NAPLEX Course Book

Study with 80 chapters featuring all the must-know exam content, two exam-style practice chapters, bolded drugs, and underlined content emphasizing the critical information.

Plus, study tips, key drug lists, and case scenarios facilitate learning, while quick guides for top-seller drugs and diagnostic tests boost retention and concept mastery.

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Explore Dynamic Study Tools

Our study tools maximize retention by breaking down concepts and helping you draw connections between key drugs with similar traits. 

Study Tip and Key Drug icons highlight critical information and help you learn with easy-to-understand explanations, and summaries.

Explore Dynamic Study Tools

Examine Drug Tables

Examine Drug Tables

Forming strong connections between bits of information improves retention. That’s why drugs are presented in tables, to show similarities and differences of specific drugs within a class. 

Tables include bolded top-selling drugs, underlined key concepts, and information on drug formulation, dosing, safety, and monitoring.

Practice Cases, Questions & Case Scenarios

NAPLEX questions require you to gather information from a case. You might be asked how many grams of protein are provided by parenteral nutrition per day or which drug is best for a patient’s infection. 

That’s why we provide practice cases and sample questions that reflect the actual exam in both format and difficulty. This is a great place to get exam-like practice.

Practice Cases, Questions & Case Scenarios

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Get Everything You Need to Pass with Our Fully Integrated Learning System

UWorld’s NAPLEX course book is structured to provide students with what they need to pass the NAPLEX. In addition, our course book works cohesively with video lectures and QBank to amplify its efficacy.

NAPLEX Online Course

Our online course includes access to thousands of NAPLEX questions in our QBank and video lectures designed to be used with the NAPLEX course book.


Our QBank contains thousands of case-rich, exam-style questions covering all the required material, plus a cumulative NAPLEX practice exam.

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We partner with schools and colleges of pharmacy to offer a variety of packages and bulk pricing. We’ll work with you to customize a package to fit your student’s needs and your institution’s goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

To maximize your content review, we recommend reading Chapter 1 of the NAPLEX course book, followed by our NAPLEX study guide. Chapter 1 of the UWorld RxPrep course book includes a section on “How to Use the RxPrep course book,” followed by Getting Started With A Study Schedule and information about the NAPLEX. Useful sections in Chapter 1 include tips for studying and assessing readiness for the NAPLEX, a required formulas checklist, and a NAPLEX competency statement guide. Our NAPLEX study guide will help you prepare for the exam by providing helpful tips and tools for creating a NAPLEX study schedule and plan.

We recommend going through all 80 chapters, focusing on the emphasized must-know content for the NAPLEX. Use the included study tips, key drug lists, and case scenarios to learn the material. When you feel like you’ve mastered the concepts, review the exam-style practice chapter to assess your NAPLEX readiness.

Our course book features 80 chapters, giving you everything you need to pass the NAPLEX. It includes 50+ clinical chapters, 10+ foundational chapters, 3 compounding chapters, a biostatistics chapter, 5 calculations chapters including 200+ practice problems, and 1 exam-style calculations practice chapter.

The course book is updated annually to be current for the pharmacist licensure exam. The UWorld RxPrep course book is a companion to the UWorld RxPrep NAPLEX online course, which includes a QBank and video lectures.
While there are many NAPLEX review books and courses available, the UWorld RxPrep NAPLEX course book is trusted by pharmacy students and educators everywhere. We collaborate with about 100 pharmacy schools nationwide. Pharmacy Times contributors rated the UWorld RxPrep course book as the top board review resource, while students consistently recommend UWorld RxPrep as the “must-have” resource for licensure preparation.
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Content Areas Covered

Our NAPLEX course book covers all important topics tested on the exam across 80 chapters.

  • 50+ clinical chapters
  • 10+ foundational chapters
  • 3 compounding chapters
  • 1 biostatistics chapter
  • 5 calculations chapters, including
    200+ practice problems and 1 exam-style
    calculations chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our NAPLEX course book covers all important topics tested on the exam across 80+ chapters.

  • 60+ clinical chapters
  • 10+ foundational chapters
  • 3 compounding chapters
  • 1 biostatistics chapter
  • 5 calculations chapters with
    200+ practice problems.
  • 2 exam-style practice chapters: calculations and case-based