Prepare for Your Pharmacy Exams With the UWorld RxPrep Mobile App

Mastering challenging pharmacy concepts has never been easier! Carry everything you need to pass the NAPLEX®, CPJE and MPJE® in your pocket with the UWorld RxPrep mobile app.

UWorld RxPrep App Features & Benefits

Swap social media scrolling for NAPLEX, CPJE, and MPJE review. With the UWorld RxPrep mobile app, you can swipe through custom decks in an Uber, take a practice test on your lunch break, or check your progress while you unwind on the couch.

Unlimited Practice

Access your NAPLEX, MPJE, or CPJE course and create as many practice tests as you want

Exam-Like Questions

Questions written by subject matter experts are at or above exam-level difficulty

Active Learning

Study less and retain more with our research-backed learning methodology

Built-In Prep Tools

Study notebook content and review flashcards with space-repetition technology

Targeted, Customizable Practice

Improve your score by practicing subject-based questions depending on your needs

Performance Tracking

Track your performance in each exam topic with advanced reporting analytics

Sync Across Devices

All of your data and personalized notes are saved and synced across devices. Create flashcards on your desktop and review them later on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll never need to worry about losing your progress or saved notes.

Sync Across Devices

Practice Exam-Like Questions

Practice Exam-Like Questions

With the UWorld RxPrep mobile app, you’ll have the ability to create customized practice exams and practice NAPLEX, MPJE, or CPJE questions in the palm of your hand.

Quick Access to Digital Learning Tools

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll have quick access to My Notebook, in-depth answer explanations, customizable quizzes, spaced repetition flashcards, and all of our award-winning study tools.

Quick Access to Digital Learning Tools

Detailed Performance Tracking

Detailed Performance Tracking

Targeted reporting, which identifies specific subjects and chapters that require improvement, allows for self-remediation, which results in exam success.

Ready to Start Preparing for Your Pharmacy Exams?

UWorld RxPrep offers the best available resources for success on the NAPLEX, MPJE, and CPJE. Explore our trusted review courses and prepare for your pharmacy licensure exams with UWorld.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you’re using an iPad Mini or a full size iPad, you’ll be able to access your NAPLEX, MPJE or CPJE study materials and review content on the go.
The UWorld RxPrep mobile app makes understanding complex pharmacy concepts easier with its active learning approach. Learn by doing 3,400+ NAPLEX-style questions or 300+ MPJE practice questions. Use our integrated flashcards with spaced repetition to solidify concepts, then analyze your progress with the detailed reporting feature.
Yes, the UWorld RxPrep mobile app offers full functionality of the same tools and materials you enjoy on your desktop.
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