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The RxPrep NAPLEX test bank puts you in the driver seat in preparing for the high-stakes pharmacy board exam. Assess your knowledge with thousands of practice questions and answer explanations that direct you to the appropriate section of the RxPrep NAPLEX course book and video lectures. Discover why so many pharmacy students and U.S. pharmacy schools rely on RxPrep to prepare for NAPLEX success.
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3,400+ NAPLEX-Style Questions

Relevant questions emphasizing critical topics tested on the exam plus detailed answer explanations with course book references thoroughly prepare you for success on test day.

Practice Exams

Assess your readiness with a complete practice exam, evaluate your math skills with an exam-style calculations practice test, and master formulas with a required formulas practice test.
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Performance Tracking

Reporting tools, including an activity trend and a feedback summary report for each test, help you monitor your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and focus your studies.

Test Bank Highlights

Practice Questions

Practice with the largest selection of NAPLEX-style questions, including case-based questions and tests for each course book chapter.

Detailed Explanations

Test bank questions feature answer explanations for all answer choices with course book page number references.

Online Flashcards

Create online flashcards to review the material, improve your weaker areas, and boost your memory retention with active learning.

Feedback Summary

A feedback summary report links to the corresponding course book chapter and video lecture to make it easy to find content for further review.

Activity Trend

An activity trend lets you monitor your progress and see how you compare with other users so that you know what areas to focus on.

Practice Assessments

One comprehensive NAPLEX practice assessment and one required formulas assessment to test yourself before exam day.

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Hi everyone. I would like to recommend this course for anyone who wants to prepare for NAPLEX in an efficient and logical way. Highly recommended!

- Aleksandar

You guys are the best! Just found out I passed my boards! Couldn't have done it without the help from your products!

- Ave

Just wanted to say THANKS! Just received my NAPLEX score! And guess what! I made it, and would never have passed it without your help. You are the best!

- Dema

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A Comprehensive Approach to NAPLEX Preparation

Pair your course book with our online test bank to access 3,400+ exam-style practice questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All our questions and explanations are written by our in-house team of passionate clinical pharmacist educators with a combined 100+ years of experience preparing pharmacy students for board exams.

The majority of questions on the NAPLEX are scenario-based, challenging you to analyze and answer the questions presented by referring to the information provided in a patient profile or medical record. The exam also features stand-alone questions unrelated to a scenario, which you can answer from the information provided in the question. Learn more by reviewing our NAPLEX Exam Guide.

The NAPLEX features 225 questions delivered in a computerized, standard format. The exam is graded Pass/Fail. The RxPrep test bank gives you access to 3,400+ questions that emphasize important testable topics, one or more tests for every chapter in the course book, and detailed answer explanations with course book page number references and links to video lectures.

The RxPrep NAPLEX practice assessment includes 150 NAPLEX-style questions and should be taken approximately two weeks before your exam when you have mastered all of the RxPrep material.

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